October 2020 Bulletin

Next Union Meeting: Friday, October 9th, 2020

Meeting begins at 7pm. Social Distancing Protocols are in place, Masks are required in the Union Hall.

2021 Contract Wage Allocation

January 1, 2021 will begin our final year of our Negotiated Contract; Therefore, we will need to allocate the $2.00 increase. In actuality we still have a 2% Pension Increase as part of the Pension Recovery Plan, so we will be allocating $1.63 into our wage package. If you have any suggestions on this matter please send them to the Hall in writing, by October 15th, 2020. The E-board will then review and bring the choices to the membership for discussion at our November Meeting.

Pac Fund Discussion

We have been discussing readopting the PAC Fund (Political Action Contribution Fund) at previous meetings. The importance of having a seat-at- the-table in our states “political world” is integral to the survival of our trade, as we experienced with Bill A-805. The adoption of the PAC Fund will need discussion and to proceed, a secret ballot vote from the membership since the By-Laws will need to be amended. Plan to attend the October meeting for a floor discussion.

Apprentice and Shop Training

The NEAAC Administration Committee has decided to continue with the COVID-19 shut down of all hands-on training at all Local Training Facilities through the end of the year. Apprentices are still required to stay current with book work and computer based lessons and tests. We will keep you informed as things progress.

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